Welcome to the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI).

GFRI research is multidisciplinary and encourages synergies between the Geneva School of Economics and
Management (GSEM
), the Faculties of Law, Psychology and Science of Education.  GFRI collaborates in particular with the Center for Banking and Financial Law and the National Center for Research in Affective Sciences, both located at the University of Geneva.


GFRI also engages in knowledge transfer activities such as conferences, seminars and public debates on finance topics related to Portfolio Management and Corporate Governance.

GFRI is delighted to announce its Finance Seminar Series supported by Geneva Financial Center:

Oct 8, 2015

Prof. Farzad Saidi, University of Cambridge, 12.15-13.45, room P_S02

Oct 15, 2015

Dr. Anastasia Kartasheva, Bank for International Settlements, 12-15 - 13.45, room PS02

Nov 5, 2015

Prof. Patrick Augustin, Mc Gill University, 12-15 - 13.45, room PS02

Nov 23, 2015

Prof. Dimitris Papanikolaou, Northwestern University, 12-15 - 13.45, room tbc

Nov 26, 2015

Prof. Julian Franks, London Business School 12-15 - 13.45, room PS02

Dec 3, 2015

Prof. Roland Füss, University of St Gallen, 12-15 - 13.45, room PS02

Dec 10, 2015

Prof. Michael Weber, University of Chicago 12.15-13.45, room P_S02


Latest News

Date added: Sep 22, 2015 Prof. Michel Girardin on Swiss Television, RTS
Date added: Sep 7, 2015 Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon's and Chris Hemmens' research mentionned
Date added: Sep 7, 2015 Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon's and Chris Hemmens' research mentionned
Date added: Jul 28, 2015 Our Master in Wealth Management GEMWeM

received the CAIA accreditation.



Following the successes of the two previous editions, the University of Geneva together with the Latsis Foundation, Sustainable Finance Geneva, and UNEP FI are pleased to announce the 3rd Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance. The conference will be held as the Latsis Symposium 2016 and will take place on March 22nd, 2016.

The theme for this year’s event is “The Role of Finance in Promoting Sustainable Development.” We invite submissions of complete research papers

Please visit the conference page for further details

Date added: Jul 3, 2015 Video

A l'occasion de la publication du livre “25 Years after the Wall : How Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Change Our Lives?", Michel Girardin, professeur de finance à l’Université de Genève, tire les leçons économiques de l'événement sur cette video.

Date added: Jun 30, 2015 International Risk Management Conference 2015: Keynote Speech by Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon

The Role of Honesty in Financial Decision-Making: Some Experimental Evidences

click here to watch the video presentation


Date added: Jun 23, 2015 Prof.Olivier Scailler's paper Testing for symmetry and conditional symmetry using asymmetric kernels
Date added: Jun 17, 2015 Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon intègre le comité stratégie & surveillance
Date added: Jun 17, 2015 Prof. Harald Hau's paper "Asset Allocation and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Eurozone"

was accepted for publication in the Journal of Financial Economics.


Asset Allocation and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Eurozone Harald Hau (University of Geneva, SFI) and Sandy Lai (University of Hong Kong) Abstract: The eurozone has a single short-term nominal interest rate, but monetary policy conditions measured by real short-term interest rates varied substantially across countries in the period 2003—2010. We use this cross-country variation in the (local) tightness of monetary policy to examine its influence on equity and money market flows. In line with a powerful risk-shifting channel, we find that fund investors in countries with decreased real interest rates shift their portfolio investment out of the money market and into the riskier equity market – causing significant equity price inflation in countries where investment home bias is the strongest.

Date added: Apr 17, 2015 TV Interview de Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon sur l'honnêteté
Date added: Mar 10, 2015 Prof. Olivier Scaillet's paper "Jumps in high-frequency data: spurious detections, dynamics, and news"

has been accepted for publication in "Management Science" journal.

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