Welcome to the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI).

GFRI research is multidisciplinary and encourages synergies between the Geneva School of Economics and
Management (GSEM
), the Faculties of Law, Psychology and Science of Education.  GFRI collaborates in particular with the Center for Banking and Financial Law and the National Center for Research in Affective Sciences, both located at the University of Geneva.


GFRI also engages in knowledge transfer activities such as conferences, seminars and public debates on finance topics related to Portfolio Management and Corporate Governance.

GFRI is delighted to announce its Finance Seminar Series supported by Geneva Financial Center:

May 21, 2015

Prof. Xuan Yuhai, Harvard Business School, 12.15-13.45, room PS02

May 28, 2015

Dr. Basten Christoph, FINMA,12.15-13.45, room PS02

Jun 4, 2015

Prof. Elise Payzan, UNSW, 12.15 - 13.45, room PS02

Jun 22, 2015

Dr.David Marques-Ibanez,Federal Reserve Board, 12.15-13.45, room M5220


Latest News

Date added: May 20, 2015 Prof. Michel Girardin sur la gestion de fortune robotisée
Date added: Apr 17, 2015 TV Interview de Prof. Rajna Gibson Brandon sur l'honnêteté
Date added: Apr 16, 2015 GFRI Activity Report 2014

Date added: Mar 10, 2015 Prof. Olivier Scaillet's paper "Jumps in high-frequency data: spurious detections, dynamics, and news"

has been accepted for publication in "Management Science" journal.

Date added: Feb 10, 2015 Michel Girardin sur le taux de change réel entre franc suisse et euro
Date added: Jan 22, 2015 Fin du taux plancher: un tsunami pour l’économie suisse?

TTC, émission télévisée  avec François Savary, stratégiste à la banque Reyl, Michel Girardin, professeur d’économie à l’Université de Genève et Nicolas Brunschwig, président de la Fédération des Entreprises Romandes.

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